Dental General Anaesthesia and Sedation

Since 1998 we have aquired a vast experience in performing comprehensive and conventional dental treatment under general anaesthesia and deep sedation for children and adult patients who fear regular dental treatment. Every year dozens of new patients that undergo dental care under general anaesthesia are satisfied with our services according to the principle:

“painless, stress free, professional and safe”

Dental phobia can have wide ranging consequences on a persons life. Not only does their dental health suffer, but dental phobia may lead to anxiety and depression. Dental phobia is often caused by bad dental experiences. Treatment is generally carried out under sedation. Our wide-ranging experience indicates that this technique provides a high level of guarantee that patients experience virtually no pain or swelling.

General Anesthesia

More complex treatments may require drugs that can induce “unconscious state” causing a loss of feeling and consciousness in order to relieve both pain and anxiety. There are also similarities between medical and dental general anesthesia — like its medical counterpart, the use of this anesthetic method in dentistry will render you totally unconscious and make you unable to feel pain during the dental treatment. In this unconscious state, there is also an absence of fear and anxiety; it’s for this last reason, in fact, that general anesthesia is used not only for complex dental treatment, but is also occasionally recommended for children and adults who experience acute dental anxiety.

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia

IV General Anaesthesia

Conscious Sedation

Sedation dentistry does not make you sleep. In fact during sedation dentistry, you will be awake and able to respond to commands. Conscious sedation dentistry allows the patient to enter a state of relaxation while staying awake during the procedure. Although you won’t feel any pain, you’ll be able to respond to our questions and commands. As communication is key with any dentist-patient relationship, conscious sedation is an excellent option for fearful dental patients. For the conscious sedation we use a mix of oral sedation- in form of medicine taken before the procedure- and IV sedation-where the drugs are delivered intravenously, producing an effect much sooner. IV sedation also allows the anaesthesist to adjust the level of sedation needed during the dental treatment.

dental deep sedation

Conscious Sedation Monitoring

There is always an MD-anesthesiologist and fully qualified staff present for those patients who want to have major procedures performed in general anesthesia or deep sedation over many hours. The monitoring equipment is state of the art and an anaesthetic recovery room is of course available.

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