Local Dental Patients from Hannover

You have a German public or private insurance?

That’s fine. In this case you will not have to worry to much about paying for the dental treatment.

The public dental plan

If you have a German Public Insurance (Krankenkasse, e.g. AOK, Barmer, GEK, TK, BKK, etc.) please present proof of coverage in form of an insurance card (Versichertenkarte) at your initial visit.

The public dental plan will cover most of the common dental procedures like fillings (copayment necessary) , x-rays, root canal (copayment necessary), dental surgery, extractions, consultation, basic cleaning, diagnosis, gum disease (copayment necessary), etc. In this case we will manage the entire reimbursement procedure with your German public insurance so you don’t have to bother around with claim filling.

In the event that certain dental procedures are not being covered by your public German insurance plan we will inform you in advance and give you a pre-treatment estimate for the forthcoming treatment.

Which procedures are not entirely covered by the dental public plan?
You are personally responsible to make a copayment in case you receive tooth colored fillings for the front and rear teeth, you undergo root canal treatment, you receive a professional cleaning or a periodontal treatment or you get crowns, bridges, dentures or implants.

Do I get a reimbursement for crowns, bridges or dentures?
Yes, you get reimbursed for prosthetic procedures by your dental public plan, however the reimbursment vary between 30-50 % of the entire costs depending upon the type of dental prosthetic treatment you receive. In this case a pre-treatment estimate has to be aproved by the insurance before you undergo treatment in order to get coverage.

The private dental plan

If you have a German Private Insurance (“Privatversicherung” e.g. Central, DEVK, Barmenia, Allianz, Continentale, etc.) plan you will need to pay our office at the time of the treatment and fill the claim and wait for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Please consider that some private dental plans do not cover all dental expenses. There are several reasons that your reimbursement may be less than you expected. It could be that your plan has a clause to pay for a less expensive alternative procedure or your plan has a maximal limit for certain procedures or your plan pays out at different percentages from the German Scale of Fees for Dentsists (GOZ).

Does my private plan have limitations?
Please beware that most contracts have limits and/or various degrees of co-payment. They have nothing to do with our actual charges. Please take the time to consult your plan booklet thoroughly for specific information so we may best serve you.

You have no insurance at all?

In this case you are requested to pay the entire charges by yourself at the time of treatment.

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