No Prep Veneers



The Harmless Prepless Veneers

At our Hannover practice, we are proud to introduce prepless porcelain veneers as a veneer option for our patients.
Fortunately, there is a really conservative veneer preparation method which brings lots of benefits with it.The well-known non-prep method requires none, up to very minimal tooth substance removal.In many cases the no prep veneers do not require grinding down the teeth to get the desired results and even if a preparation is necessary, this will be done very selectively and minimally invasive.

The new non-prep method was enabled through technological advances in the bonding technique and also through new developed high-strength ceramic materials.

If the shape and alignment of the teeth are proper, we can design the veneers with minimal effort and without using shots or grinding the teeth down.
This procedure requires, however, special ceramic compounds and extreme dexterity of the dental technician. The No-Prep ceramic veneers are usually up to 0.3 mm thin. The used ceramics should have a natural fluorescence and thus the structure and refraction of natural teeth reproduce very well. The No-Prep veneers are best suitable for smaller teeth or those that have gaps in between.

Our Razor Thin Veneers

The veneer in the image right was manufactured in Hannover by our in veneers specialised dental laboratory, having a thickness in the middle of only 0.2 millimeters. Such thin veneers can be done only by highly trained and experienced dental technicians and only using ceramics developed specifically for this purpose.

Description of the Prepless or Non-Invasive Veneers

Prepless or non-invasive means a procedure without preparation or just minimal grinding the tooth substance. As the name suggests, the teeth are not prepped in order to receive the thin veneers. This means no tooth substance is sacrificed to insert the veneers. Only in extremely rare cases, a minimal removal is required. Specifically in the area of anterior teeth the No-Prep veneers allow aesthetic corrections quickly and painlessly.
Especially for patients, with intact tooth substance, where shape, alignment or colour does not meet their own requirements, the No-Prep veneers offer an appropriate solution to improve the smile appearence.


Have more questions for our team about what dental prepless veneers can do for beautifying your smile? Call us or contact us today if you are in Hannover!

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