Our Services

We offer you a full range of dental services in our practice. Take a look inside to learn more about our highlights. As a long established dental practice in Hannover – Germany that deals every day with high quality demanding patients, we understand to adjust our service to a very high level.

Zirconia Metal Free Crowns and Bridges

It is a restoration that couples the most advanced computer and CAD/CAM milling technology available today with the dental technician’s artistic skills to produce the finest metall-free ceramic. The Zirconia crowns and bridges are unmatched regarding esthetic aspects. Have a share of the future. Now!
Learn more about the zirconia crowns and bridges

CAD/CAM Technology

CAD/CAM technology allows us and dental lab technicians to design the anatomical features, size, and shape of a tooth restauration on a computer. The CAD/CAM computer screen presents a 3-D custom image of your teeth and gums so that the milling machine can shape now the restoration from a tooth-like ceramic block.
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Currently, the advanced techniques necessary to provide this service have been learned and are practiced by relatively few dentists. Those that have incorporated this service into their practices are now able to do incredible things for their patients. Porcelain veneers are amazingly beautiful, durable, and natural appearing.
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Telescopic Dentures and Bridges

When patients have compromised bone density due to age or oral disease, a telescopic denture, a type of overdenture system is probably the best option. The procedure consists of a double crown system, “the telescopic,” and involves fitting inner metal crowns and outer crowns on the remaining natural teeth to create a natural looking removable overdenture.
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Sunflex® and Valplast® Partials

We are offering lightweight Sunflex or Valplast flexible dental partials to provide a comfortable, almost invisible partial with no metal clasps. The monomer-free Sunflex and Valplast partials made of a new generation of biocompatible thermoplastic resins are the easiest affordable way to temporary replace missing teeth. Compared to other partial options, Sunflex and Valplast dental partials provide superior wearability and stain resistance compared to other acrylic dentures. The lightweight material is produced to remain translucent after processing, with a simulation of natural gum color and structure.
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Fear of the dentist, dental phobia, anxiety?

We have the solution: treatment under general anesthesia or sedation. With an average of 80-100 dental treatments under general anesthesia or deep sedation every year and more than 18 years of experience in the field of painless dentistry, we are among the leading dental practices in the field of pain-free dentistry in Germany. Because your health and safety enjoys top priority we always make us away and put emphasis on intensive and detailed advice.
The specialists for dental general anesthesia. You sleep, we take care of your teeth.
You suffer from extreme dental fear? We can help you! Just a few steps from a new and beautiful smile away. Pain-free, worry-free, fear-free, stress-free! Learn more about the dental treatment with general anaesthesia or sedation.

Safe Amalgam Removal with Protection Measures

For patients suffering under mercury poisoning or for those feeling disomfort with the conventional drilling of old amalgam fillings we offer a safe removal of the amalgam fillings according to the IAOMT (International Academy for Oral Medicine and Toxicology) recommended safety protocol. As a replacement for the old amalgam fillings we use only tested and high-quality dental filling materials. The results can show up: No exposure to mercury vapor for the patient and a sustainable outcome.

With numerous safety amalgam removals every year and many years of experience in the amalgam-free dental medicine, we are among the leading dental practices in the field of holistic and amalgam free dental offices in Germany. Learn more about the safe and secure dental amalgam removal.

Professional Cleaning and Air Sweeping

We offer professional tooth cleaning to keep your teeth healthy and we also offer regular examinations to prevent caries and periodontitis. Advanced cleaning procedures like teeth sweeping with the Air-Flow® method can be used anytime for effective removal of dental plaque and staining induced by smoking, coffee or red wine. Learn more about the professional teeth cleaning in Hannover

Master Dental Lab

Our partner team of highly qualified master dental technicians undergo advanced training and regulary participate in continued hands-on education. A master technician in Germany absolves an adittional 3 years of training after the 3 years of apprenticeship.
Our partner digital processing center in Hannover, is a state-of-the-art facility managed by a team of the most experienced digital and CAD/CAM manufacturing experts in Germany. We use only word class materials from renowned European and US manufacturers.

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